MAEAP ‘Who’s Who’ Cheat Sheet

Who do I ask for this and that? Who covers what areas?

These questions and more are frequently asked whether you are new to the MAEAP Program or not.

Please be sure to download and save the attached MAEAP ‘Who’s Who’ Cheat Sheet PDF to help in answering those questions! The documents in this PDF packet include the following for your own reference:

  1. MDARD MAEAP Organizational Chart
  2. MAEAP Verifier Coverage Map
  3. MAEAP Technician Coverage Map
  4. MDARD Regional Coordinator Coverage Map
  5. MDARD Right to Farm Coverage Map


This PDF packet will get reviewed and redistributed on a quarterly basis (or as needed). The MAEAP Technician Coverage Map does get updated internally quite frequently with the addition of newly hired MAEAP Technicians so always check the bottom of that particular document for the Month/Year of the latest revision. If you have any suggestions on making improvements to this MAEAP ‘Whose Who’ Cheat Sheet – please send it along to either Shelby Burlew or Andrea Andrews