MAEAP Incentives

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program’s (MAEAP) partner organizations offer incentives after producers become verified in the program. See the list below to see what is applicable for your farm.

  • Michigan Corn Growers Association: Free 3-year membership for first-time verification (Verifiers have membership forms).
  • Crystal Flash: Will offer up to 10 percent off a fuel tank purchase to meet MAEAP verification. Crystal Flash also offers other benefits, to learn more about all your options contact your local Crystal Flash sales representative. (Mention MAEAP to any salesperson or customer service agent and they will either handle it or get help from internal experts).
  • Michigan Pork Producers: Will offer to help pay for a second MAEAP sign for pork producers (contact Michigan Pork Producers
  • Farm Bureau: Discount on the liability portion of a farm owners’ policy for verification in the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP):
    • Complete an environmental risk assessment and receive a 10 percent discount.
    • Complete one system of MAEAP (farmstead, cropping, and livestock) and receive a 15 percent discount.
    • By completing verification in two or more systems of MAEAP, you may be eligible for a 20 percent discount (
  • Michigan Wheat Program: Offers a one-time $50 financial award for documented wheat farmers (one award per farmer, not per farm) who are currently growing wheat and have obtained their first cropping system verification in MAEAP (guidelines and forms located on wheat website