Woodlots, Wetlands, and Wildlife

Woodlots, Wetlands, and Wildlife

Who: Barry County Forester Ben Savoie and Ionia/Barry County MAEAP Technician Tori Frailey

What: Phase 1 Field Day

Where: 2 Forest landowner properties in Barry County

  • Pam Dewey (13998 Kelly Road, Hickory Corners Michigan 49060 Barry County)
  • Al Gemrich (2347 W. Dowling Road, Delton Michigan 49046 Barry County)

When: Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Agenda Outline

1st Stop: Pam Dewey’s Property in Hickory Corners, MI

10:00: Introductions and Summary of Pam’s property

10:15: Walkthrough and discussion led by a consulting forester, Mark Janke

11:15: Benefits of MAEAP/Tree Farm in guiding land management with Ben and Tori

11:30: Lunch at Pam’s

2nd Stop: Al Gemrich’s Property in Delton, MI (7 miles from 1st property)

12:00: Drive to 2nd Property

12:20: Introductions and Summary of Al’s property

12:30: Walkthrough and discussion led by wetland specialist, Danielle C.  Zoellner

1:30: Questions & Wrap – Up