Mason County Farm Tour

  • 5:00 pm   Meeting location: Farm View Resort, 6700 N. US-31 Hwy. Free Soil, MI 49411
    • Welcome, staff introductions, and an overview of the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)
      Jamie VanDerZanden, Mason-Lake CD
  • 5:10 pm   Catered Dinner by Shandy’s Catering, LLC
  • 5:40 pm    In-Meal Farm Service Agency (FSA) Presentation
    • Overview of USDA programs available to assist farmers—Benita Meekhof, FSA Farm Loans – Shelly Lobert, FSA
    • Load school buses to depart for Stakenas Farms
  • 6:05 pm   Forage Management
    • A news update and overview of forage management, including pest management, forage quality, and nutritive value – Seth Earl, NRCS
  • 6:25 pm   Manure and Water Management on a Dairy Farm
    • Management practices implemented on a MAEAP verified dairy farm, that helps protect the water sources and environment
      – Bill Stakenas, Stakenas Farms
  • 6:55 pm   Watershed and Wildlife Conservation
    • Focus on linking watershed protection and developing wildlife habitat
      – Jake Crawford, Mason-Lake CD
      Load school buses to depart to Needlefast
  • 7:20 pm    Needlefast Evergreens, Inc.
    • Planting, managing pests and diseases, and harvesting Christmas Trees on a MAEAP verified farm—Ben Nickelson, Needlefast Evergreens, Inc.
  • 8: 00 pm   Depart to Farm View for dessert and to fill out RUP credits