Farming for the Future Field Day

This is a field day that will show off our new Horticultural Research Station here in Oceana County which was recently MAEAP Verified in both Farmstead & Cropping. The event will include a tour of the facility and conservation and water quality protection practices will be highlighted. It will include a look at the brand new fueling facility and Agrichemical Handling Facility as well as their plans for irrigation and other future research projects. There will be a visual display of drills including the Oceana Conservation District’s two no-till drills and a presentation on what these drills are designed for and the importance of site preparation. Guest speakers will be presenting on Honey Bees, the potential of using bats as a biological control for apple insect pests, and the topics of Regenerative Agriculture and Agroforestry. Regenerative Agriculture’s 5 Core Principles are to Minimize Soil Disturbance, Maximize Crop Diversity, Keep the Soil Covered, Maintain Living Root Year-Round and Integrate Livestock. Agroforestry is the intentional practice of growing trees and/or shrubs around crops or pastureland. The event includes a complimentary catered dinner which will include produce from Oceana County! Two RUP Core Credits have been approved for attending the entire event. RSVP is required by August 13th. Register online at or call 231-861-5600×3009.