Oceana Farming for the Future Field Day

This annual field day event is co-sponsored by the Oceana Conservation District & Oceana County Farm Bureau. This year’s Farming for the Future Field Day will be held at American Apple in New Era, a family-owned MAEAP Verified Farm, which grows and packs apples and asparagus. The event will begin with a bus ride up into the orchards to get a first-hand look at apples grown on a trellis and see how a frost fan and drip irrigation work, all explained by owner & operator Caleb Coulter. There will also be presentations by the MSUE Tree Fruit Educator Emily Lavely on soil health and pest trapping research being done in the orchard. MAEAP cropland practices will be highlighted as well as erosion control measures being used on the steep heavy use access roads in the orchard, pollinator planting, and mowing & mulch management. At the farmstead, secondary containment of pesticides, fuel & oils will be discussed and Coulter will demonstrate Precise Sprayer Technology. Following the catered chicken dinner, an optional tour of the CA Storage, Hydrocooler, and Packing Facility will be available led by owner Caleb Coulter. Please note that a $5 minimum donation will be requested to help cover the costs of the dinner and reservations are required by Aug. 3.