Controlling Autumn Olive Workshop and Demonstration

Autumn olive is an invasive species that out-competes and displaces native plants. It can produce up to 200,000 seeds each year, and can spread over a variety of habitats and grows in even the most unfavorable soils. It reproduces quickly and with little effort at all. Birds are quite attracted to the seeds, and will scatter them throughout pastures, along roadsides and near fences. Even attempting to remove autumn olive by cutting or burning from your property can cause unwanted spreading as the shrub germinates easily. Autumn olive is one of the most troublesome shrubs in Michigan. In this workshop you will learn to identify and control autumn olive using chemical and non-chemical methods.  This workshop will be led by Vicki Sawicki, Invasive Species Specialist with North Country CISMA.

The fee for this workshop is $15. Pre-register is required by calling the Wexford Conservation District office at 231-775-7681 ext 3 or emailing by June 14.