Beginning Grass Fed Beef Production Workshop

Beginning Grass-Fed Beef Production Workshop& MAEAP Phase I Event

Speaker: Dr. Jason Rowntree

February 8, 2020

10 am – 3 pm

Waishkey Bay Farm

10135 W. Mills Rd

Brimley, MI 49715

Chippewa County

Free lunch provided


  • Benefits of grass fed system:
    • Economic, health & environmental
  • Grass Fed Beef Production Basics
  • Genetics
  • Land management practices
  • Processing
  • Production cycle/timeline
  • Discussion regarding data from UPREC in Chatham
  • Soil health, plant diversity and preparing land for grass fed cattle
  • Optional content that may be included if there is time and interest: Grass fed systems for small ruminants, bison, etc.