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The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program is an innovative, proactive program that helps farms of all sizes and all commodities voluntarily prevent or minimize agricultural pollution risks.

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We are here to help and recognize farmers who reduce erosion and runoff from private land into public waters.

You can earn:

  • Recognition as a top steward in the community
  • Regulatory protections
  • Preferred consideration for technical assistance and cost share
  • An enduring sense of accomplishment and pride

We promise:

  • The program is 100% confidential, guaranteed by state law
  • We will treat you and your business with respect
  • We will help you with the paperwork and the process
  • We will help you leave a legacy for your children

MAEAP recognition is:

  • Achievable. Thousands of farms have earned this designation already
  • Something to be proud of. Be among the top 5% of farms who have earned this designation so far

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Farmstead System

The Farmstead System reviews potential risks at the farm site. This includes a review of chemical, fuel and pesticide storage, and wells. It may also include manure storage on livestock farms. This system is applicable to all farms.

Cropping System

The Cropping System reviews production practices that occur wherever crops are grown on the farm. It reviews risks associated with pesticide and nutrient application, erosion control, and record keeping.

Livestock System

The Livestock System reviews practices related to livestock production. This includes manure storage, transfer and land application, record keeping, feed storage, and lot management. It relates to all types of livestock produced on the farm.

Forest, Wetlands & Habitat System

The Forest, Wetlands & Habitat System reviews management practices relating to areas on the farm with woodlands, wetlands, and other types of managed habitats. This review looks at the management plans created for all of these land uses to promote and ensure sustainable practices are being implemented.

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MAEAP Newsletter March 2022

New producers experience the benefits of MAEAP     Driving down the roads in rural Michigan, you will see many different things: farm animals, open fields, and Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) signs. “Seeing all those (MAEAP) signs driving around the state piqued my interest,” said Melina Anderson of Shining Light Farm. “Last year, […]

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Upcoming Events

Compost, Manure, and Mortality Field Day

Twelve Oaks Farm
1175 N Dietz Rd
Webberville, MI 48892-9212

Eaton Conservation District MAEAP is holding a field day at Twelve Oaks Farm in Webberville on July 11th, 2022. Presenters from MSU and MDARD will speak on compost, manure management, and proper animal mortality disposal. Lunch will be provided and the event will conclude with a tour of the Twelve Oaks Farm dairy.

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