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Educational Sessions

Phase 1 Educational Session

The first step to getting MAEAP-verified is attending a Phase 1 educational session or viewing online videos, webinars and articles. 

Attend an educational meeting - see the upcoming events to locate a MAEAP resource person/booth, or to find a nearby location that has "MAEAP Phase 1 Event" notated in the description.

Or view three of the videos on this page of MAEAP educational sessions for Phase 1 Credit, and submit the form.

Educational Videos

There are now approved videos, webinars and articles that farmers can use to meet the MAEAP education requirement.

Any farmer interested in MAEAP verification can use this new alternative method to learn about environmental topics that may help farmers improve the environmental performance of his/her farming systems. MAEAP recognizes that some farmers may be unable to view the videos or webinars on their home computer due to slow Internet connections. In those cases, we encourage farmers to check with the local library for public computers with higher speed connections.

Check out the resources below.

To receive MAEAP educational credit through videos, webinars or articles, the farmer must do the following:

  1. Read or view three approved units below.
  2. Notify the MAEAP Office that you have read or viewed the approved units by choosing one of the following:
    • Click here to print or fill out and send the form: MAEAP Educational Credits Form
    • Fill out and e-mail the MAEAP Educational Credit Registration Form to the MAEAP Office at
    • Fill out, sign and mail the MAEAP Educational Credit Registration Form to the MAEAP Office at:
          PO Box 30017
          Lansing, MI 48909
    • Fill out, sign and give the copy to your local MAEAP Water Stewardship Technician.

Joe Kelpinski MAEAP Phase 1 Powerpoint (2014)
MAEAP Powerpoint Voiceover (19 minutes; one unit)

2013 MSUE Forage and Corn Webinar
MSUE Webinar Video (56 minutes; one unit)

Dale Rozeboom, Michigan State University
Animal Mortality Management (58 minutes; one unit)

Don Scavia, U of M, Pete Richards, Heidelberg College 
The Great Lakes Watershed and Agriculture (42 minutes; one unit)

Joe Nester, Nester Ag, LLC 
Precision Agriculture for Profitability and Environmental Assurance (42 minutes; one unit)

Mike Staton, Michigan State University Extension 
Soybean Production Management (44 minutes; one unit)

Be Phosphorus Smart 
Be Phosphorus Smart Video (10 minutes; one unit)

Phosphorus Management in Field Crops  
Phosphorus Management in Field Crops Video (24 minutes; one unit) (If having trouble opening this link, please try this one:

John Biernbaum, Michigan State University Extension
Compost Production and Use for the Small and Midsized Farm (2 hours, 2 units)

Vibrant Terra Firma - 2015 Soil Health Presentation - NRCS Michigan (50 minutes; one unit)

MAEAP Helps Farmers Protect Water Quality - MFB

Restoring Wetlands - MSUE: Protecting our water quality, providing habitat and reducing flood damage for now and the future.

Sustaining our Young Forests - MSUE

Vibrant Terra Firma - 2015 Soil Health Presentation - NRCS Michigan

Integrated pest management resources at MSU by Erin Lizotte, Michigan State University Extension (1:55 minutes, 2 Units)

Basics of manure and mortalities on small farms by Shelby Burlew, Michigan State University Extension (1:22 minutes, 2 Units)

Irrigation on small farms by Steve Miller and Lyndon Kelley, Michigan State University Extension (1:55 minutes, 2 Units)

Cover crops in field crop rotations by James D. Isleib, Michigan State University Extension (1:55 minutes, 2 Units)

Discovering – DNR Prescribed Burn, Grouse Woodcock Survey  (one unit)

Conserving Pollinators While Addressing Other Resource Concerns   (must login to watch - one unit)

Managing your farm woodlot from MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series   (one unit)

Invasive Species: The Basics by Tom Alwin, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality  (one unit)          


If you would like to hold a MAEAP Educational meeting that qualifies for MAEAP Educational credit, please send your agenda, meeting date and location to Andrea Stay, at least 30 days before the event. MAEAP will advertise your meeting on the Web site and provide the necessary registration materials.

Andrea Stay
PO Box 30017
Lansing, MI 48909